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The value I get from that training is great!! I have not doubled my sales yet!! but I feel so much confident in my ability to close. I feel empowered: I know the close is up to me! The close is not even important, my focus is on the skill. I even enjoy the NO!! I am getting passionate about sales: I don't want to be a cashier and close the 20% enthusiastic, I take pride in closing the 30% that need to be influenced, persuaded. An element that I am really grateful is the ethic, I have heard more about ethic from Jordan Belfort than from anyone, any field put together.

Tevin Gongo

I want to thank JB for my success.💕6 years listening every single day to JB starting in 2013 right after his movie.😎 I am semi retiring. The company I worked for gave me 3 going away parties. Why? Because I wrote so much business. I am now self employed and nailed 5 contracts. The magic is in the SL program.[Minus the swearing] haha!

Judy Michelle

Probably the best $600 I have ever spent, it would have been the best $2000 or even $100,000 I have ever spent. I believe this course has set myself up to make all the money I could have dreamed know how most of your day is spent trying to sell to people who just won’t purchase your product, well this teaches you to not sell to those people who just aren’t going to buy it by qualifying them. Once you have found the answers to the questions you asked either you have yourself a customer or you don’t. If you do have a customer go and sell to them and if you don’t just tell them thank you for your time. Just remember the words of the way of the wolf ‘so Jordan, tell me how long have you been in the market for a pen’ ‘I’m not’ ‘ok here’s your stupid pen back, I don’t sell to people who are not looking to buy, that’s what novices like you do’.......wisest words I have ever read.

Oliver Jones

Just knowing I'm going to have a new training video everyday when I wake up from a mentor like Jordan is amazing. It not only motivates me but builds my belief in myself and my skills. And the weekly trainings are clarifying and taking my knowledge of the straight line to another level.

Will Cowan

Life changing in that it gave me hope for the future. Before SLP I had very limited beliefs about money, business, sales, meeting new people, marketing, wealth, etc. I thought it was all evil and vile .. but then my business failed and it cost me personally and professionally, and not just me, but my partners and staff too, who were looking to my leadership. After SLP, I’ve replaced those limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and am now building towards a debt free and financially successful future with meaningful relationships and meaningful work.

Zeb Pascual

My closing percentage has increased to 40% over the past 3 weeks. Thank you JB!

Daniel Orr

This has helped me immensely in executing the SLP. Without this, I would be unable to do it, and learn so quickly. It has been life-changing so far.

Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez

In just a few words: changed my life. Just closed a classic SLP sale yesterday, my marketing is through the roof and I'm set to beat all my company's records this year. Believe this mofo Jordan, guys. Every little thing that comes out of his mouth is true to the bone!!!

Caio Henrique Adams Soares

SLP has literally changed my life. It gave me the courage to transition, and it is the most complete and succinct package of practical sales psychology on the market.

Allysin Lombard

Wow! Jordan Belfort Thank you so much for today's motivation. Somehow, your authentic desire to be of service bathes every message with a power that is truly contagious. Right place, right time and I appreciate it.

Michelle Oliver

This program in most definitely a great value and an incredible resource,... I am so excited for how this will explode my income and help my future leaders!

Leah Garcia

Started the weekly training and daily motivations...I've been busy as hell and I like it! My attention span sucks like most folks. Some people who make their own "Sale Systems" just really don't get sales. This is real and more interesting! Keeps my attention.

Robert Kelly

I started my script Today using SLS model. Already looking at it and I'm so excited to use it I can barely contain myself! It looks great so I know I will feel confident using it. Certainty, clarity, confidence & courage. I am feeling all four right now. Anyone else seeing results yet? Let's hear your stories it's good for us all see and share in others success...

Phillip Hudson

Jordan Belfort you are the best teacher out there. You really care about people and for $10 per month is the best investment i have ever made..You are a true inspiration!

Elias Escoto Lara

I just wanted to say thank you my man JB for been my mentor since Sept last year. Today I have a client validating your 4 sec rule which I applied. She said to me after she heard my tone as sharp, enthusiastic and an expert within my first introduction words she knew I am the one she needs to talk to about her problem my company can offer to help! If you still do not believe the power of 4 sec, I am a good testament that it works!

Daniel Roan

It´s 21:30 in germany. Sales stop for a few hours and I´d like to share a few results of the SL with you. 6 offers to the costumers today... 6 closed. What a crazy shit this system is. Master the system and you will have a great life. Good night wolfpack. Have some great sales today and don´t forget: A B C. You know what I mean 😉

Christian Fentrop

Excellent 10$ a month is an undercharge. I’m a full time sales store manager at Mattress Firm. Within 2 days and the first 2 lessons of this program my closing ration went up 40 percent on average. However using this system I saw 4 prospects and closed 4 prospects only using the first 2 weekly sessions in the straight line system. Eager to watch more. Would easily pay up to 200$ a month for this program. Value tremendously outweighs price he is basically giving you a way to make money for free 10$ a month. I’m not payed I feel good Jordan has turned his life around since pumping penny stocks. I’m malcolm Wright i work at mattress firm in round lake beach Illinois in the suburbs of Chicago. Come see me! So I can solve your sleep needs!I’m 21 years old... I make more money than people who have been in the business for 10 years and don’t know the straight line.

Malcolm Wright

Just signed up, went back to the very 1st webinar. Absolutely loved it, loved listening to you Jordan! Absolute game changer!

Justin Gielda

Your course has changed my life. I am now the #1 salesman in the company. Been promoted to a Team Lead, and now training others on how to close like a WOLF. All because of your TRAINING and INSPIRATION! Best part, my teams results has skyrocketed. Pretty amazing to see, to say the least! THANK YOU JB.

Alex Smith

This program has paid for itself over and over again for me! After the first week, I closed a client using the straight line system. I have since closed several more deals and even wrote a script for one of my clients because they were having trouble converting leads into new students for their Trade School. Now instead of losing them as a client because they couldn't convert (because I drove them good solid leads), they will hopefully sign up for another 6 months! This program is worth its weight in gold!! Thank you JB and your team for having the foresight to come up with such an amazing platform!

Tanner Wright

My self-concept and self-talk have completely changed. My internal programming about money, sales, success, as well as my beliefs about my potential and abilities have completely changed. Using the SLP, I've been able to sell myself on myself like I never could before. Absolutely life changing.

Joseph Compton

Throughout the training, Jordan not only dives deep into the strategies and theories behind being a great sales person but what I find invaluable is that he also gives specific examples of what he would actually say in that scenario and the right tonality with which to say it.

Naomi Holcomb

Hey Jordan, this program kicks off my morning every day. I live at the same beach and it’s great to see you waking up and doing it from the sand. We are both a long way from NYC and the beach is our home. Love it, keep sending those powerful messages. I mentor a team of realtors in Redondo Beach and use your messages every day to rally and motivate the troops!

Vance Mizzi

I've done sales for 4 years and have hit targets from month 2 onwards. After your coaching and training videos I've managed to exceed my target this month by 175% and have earned the most commission I've ever had.

Darren Wilson

Jordan, Thanks for the video, I've been selling for about 40 years. I have taken many sales courses and seminars (among them Dale Carnegie's how to "Win Friends and Influence People") so I know what you are saying to be true. Sometimes you have the Power and the Ability and you don't realize it. After listening to you in the video…I now know and more importantly understand how to use it. Thank you.

Robert Clarke

I've got to tell you, after watching all of the training videos of the straight line system, I was on fire. I tell people all the time , it's not what you say it's how you say it, but never took my own advice. But with just a few tips , such as lowering your voice, a few prepared hand gestures, I received two job offers in the span of three days. Not to mention my personal life, I was dating a guy who was actually good friend of mine 10 years ago, a friend that disappeared the first week of our relationship. By simply being conscious of my tone, having the positive energy of watching your seminar, I got to talk to a long lost friend. It's was like being in the Twilight Zone whatever that really means. I literally stepped back in time, I got to spend time with someone I was sure was gone forever. It blows me away how tonality changes EVERYTHING!

Nikki Galbreath

Jordan has inspired me to open a small call centre in ireland that accomodates 6 staff on commission on the phones... something i always wanted to do but just needed the motivation to start. Massive inspiration for me and my business... new saying is 'WWJD' What would Jordan do!

Nicholas Hammond

Jordan,very big fan of what you have done with your business and also how much you have helped others. That's exactly what the world needs and I appreciate your help. I really want to learn and be guided by someone like you to take me to the next step and level. I am so motivated to learn from someone like you personally on your day to day sales techniques and business models. I really want to master the straight line and teach it to others also. What do I need to do in order to make this happen?!

Stevie Popvich

Hi Jordan, First of all thank very much for taking the time to respond to my request,I really feel very privileged and appreciate it immensely. It was only recently that I got exposure to the Straight Line System and the reason it hooked me was because I as thinking of writing my own sales system and using my extensive knowledge of NLP as the foundation, with Ethics being top of mind of course. When I saw your system, the first thought that popped into my head was: "Why re-invent the wheel" especially when the wheel was invented by Jordan Belfort and instead of assuming that you will say no, I took a shot at it and asked the question. A no is not as good as a yes but it is better than a maybe, so once again thank you very much for taking the time to say no. I'll definitely make contact with you again when I can afford your services. Regards

Wesley Welthagen

Natural sales! Your videos make closing so much faster and even my phone room booking more leads. With direct questions and becoming projected experts in our field. Great tips and thank you. -Small business owner that's grateful.

Eric Kenney

Jordan- I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to believe in the art of the sale. I constantly review the Straight Line again and again. I appreciate your leadership so much, and wanted to tell you that you've yet again changed the life of another aspiring leader, and millionaire. All the best

D.J. Yokley

Mr.Jordan Belfort- I've been studying your books and videos and I want to say that I'm very astonished and motivated to prosper a life unlike others. I've recently became an owner of 3 separate multifamily unit apartments. With these new investments I'm grossing 10x more money than I was before. Very eager in owner multifamily apartment complexes around the area. I would love to hear from you for suggestions in the business prospects. Soon I will like to make a name for myself like you. Many friends think I'm crazy cause I envision this idea to make it real. Thank you Jordan.

Jeremy Patton

Hi Jordan, my name is Emily. I've enrolled in your straight line programme when you came to South Africa. Your motivational videos have encouraged me to start a short term loan business. I currently have 6 consultants working for me and a manager to run the business. We constantly face call Centre sales challenges due to my team not reaching their targets. I'd like to get more advise from you regarding sales and targets. Thanks for your motivation!

Emily Tazz Moshodi